The Complete Book of Energy Medicines

Choosing Your Path to Health
The Complete Book of Energy Medicines
Choosing Your Path to Health

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Pages : 192

Book Size : 6.5 x 9.25

ISBN-13 : 9780892818457

Imprint : Healing Arts Press

On Sale Date : October 01, 1999

Format : Paperback Book

Illustrations : 60 color photographs

In this clear, accessible guide, a medical doctor guides you through more than 50 energy medicine therapies, from acupuncture to yoga.

About The Complete Book of Energy Medicines

• A comprehensive and easy-to-read guide to healing with energy medicines that helps you to identify your ailment and to choose the therapy that will best promote healing.

• A medical doctor with training in homeopathy, reflexology, and massage explores the multitude of therapies that use "energy" to heal common ailments.

• Covers over 50 energy therapies such as acupuncture, yoga, craniosacral therapy, massage, and many more.

The concept of energy is millennia old, understood throughout the ages in Eastern cultures to mean a force of vitality and healing--a person's chi or prana. Only recently has this ancient understanding of body energy become eroded in the name of scientific progress and modern medicine. But as self-healing power increasingly is proven to work at the energetic rather than the material level, and as illnesses are more commonly diagnosed as the imbalance of body energy, the field of energy medicine has become the most sought-after alternative to traditional Western medicine.

In The Complete Book of Energy Medicines, Dr. Helen Dziemidko supplies us with a comprehensive look at energy medicines. She combines a medical doctor's scientific viewpoint with an exhaustive knowledge of energy healing methods--from acupuncture and yoga to Bach Flower therapy and homeopathy. With clear, accessible explanations, she guides the reader through over 50 complementary therapies and the 20 most common chronic ailments for which they are appropriate treatments. Easy-to-follow color flowcharts help readers identify their ailments and the possible causes, then show which energy medicines provide the best path toward healing.

Table of Contents

Table of content

The Complete Book of Energy Medicines
Choosing Your Path to Health


Part 1: Discovering energy
What is healing?
The physics of energy
Traditional views of energy
Perceiving energy
Part 2: Complementary therapies
Full list of therapies and their classes
Part 3: Flow charts for common ailments
Catarrh and sinus problems
Recurrent viral infections
Headaches and migraines
Back and neck pain
Arthritis and rheumatism
Pre-menstrual syndrome
Problem menstruation
Eating disorders
Bowel disorders
Food sensitivities

Author Bio
Helen E. Dziemidko, M.D., has been studying the basis of healing for 20 years. In addition to being a physician, she is a qualified homeopath and has studied reflexology and massage. She currently works in general practice and manages a center for creative healing in Warwickshire, England.


Book Praise

Book Praise

"The items surveyed in The Complete Book of Energy Medicines paint a good picture of the vast and growing field of energy medicine."
Massage Magazine, Nov/Dec 2000

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