The Phoenix Cards

Reading and Interpreting Past-Life Influences with the Phoenix Deck
By (author) Susan Sheppard
The Phoenix Cards
Reading and Interpreting Past-Life Influences with the Phoenix Deck
By (author) Susan Sheppard

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Pages : 272

Book Size : 6 x 9

ISBN-13 : 9780892813100

Imprint : Destiny Books

On Sale Date : November 01, 1990

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The Phoenix cards and book comprise the first method of divination especially created for delving into your past lives. Discover how the times and places of previous incarnations influence and inspire you today; understand the puzzling elements of your personality; come to terms with unexplained fears; and recognize latent talents with the knowledge gained from your Phoenix readings. Includes paperback book with 28 full-color cards.

About The Phoenix Cards

This book and deck provide an important key to past life recall. Each of the 28 images is a visual representation of a particular world culture that will bring into focus the times and places of previous incarnations. The symbols of the Phoenix Deck will trigger unconscious memories that will enable you to see yourself more clearly and help you develop latent talents, identify lessons that must be learned, and explain irrational fears, attractions, and impulses.

This is the first divinatory tool especially created for studying past lives to better understand the present. 
Table of Contents

Table of content


About the Phoenix Cards

Instructions for Using Your Phoenix Cards

1. Zen Buddhist Design
2. Prairie Plains Medicine Wheel
3. Prehistoric Sorcerer
4. Mayan Jaguar Priest
5. Egyptian Buto Goddess
6. Moundbuilder Hand Effigy
7. Gypsy Amulet
8. Persian Bracelet
9. Roman Hand Effigy
10. Jukun Akuma Mask
11. Yugoslavian Earth Goddess
12. Viking Rune Stone
13. Chinese Bear
14. Elizabethan Dancer
15. Celtic Mirror
16. Renaissance Angel
17. Aborigine Bark Painting
18. Hindu Shiva
19. Greek Painting
20. Medieval Illumination
21. Russian Byzantine Cathedral
22. Islamic Crescent and Star
23. Early Christian Catacomb Painting
24. Hebrew High Priest
25. Hawaiian Pele Goddess
26. Asante Sacred Stool
27. Hopi Kachina Mask
28. Contemporary Western Symbol

Summary of the Phoenix Cards

The Past-Life Mandala
1. Sun Position
2. Moon Position
3. Mercury Position
4. Venus Position
5. Saturn Position
6. Uranus Position
7. Pluto Position

Further Uses for the Phoenix Cards
    The Five-Star Spread
    The Four-Elements Spread

Some Questions & Answers About the Phoenix Cards


Author Bio
An award-winning poet, artist, and astrologer, as well as a highly respected working psychic, Susan Sheppard is also the great-great grandniece of American mystic John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed.


Book Praise

Book Praise

"This unconventional card and book combo is really good clean fun."

"Beautifully designed."
Body Mind Spirit

"Things that you may have been afraid to pursue or express can be brought to the surface using this deck."
Ladyfogg's Deck Reviews, Oct 2005

Mind Detox