Cullen Baird Smith

Photo by: Judith Pavlick Photography

Cullen Baird Smith, trained in anthropology and archaeology, is coauthor, with Pia Orleane, of two books, Conversations with Laarkmaa and Remembering Who We Are. Smith, along with Orleane, is one of the chosen channels for the group of Pleiadian beings known as Laarkmaa. He lives in Europe.

Books By Cullen Baird Smith

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    Pleiadian Earth Energy Astrology

    Pleiadian Earth Energy Astrology

    By Pia Orleane, Ph.D.
    By Cullen Baird Smith

    Sharing wisdom teachings from the Pleiadian group Laarkmaa, Orleane and Smith reveal a system of Pleiadian-Earth energy astrology centered on the spiraling and interconnected movement of Universal and Earth energies. Offering practical examples, they show how you can consciously use the energies prevalent on a given calendar day to your personal, spiritual advantage.