Ewald Kliegel

Ewald Kliegel has been a practicing massage therapist and naturopath for more than 35 years. He teaches seminars on reflex zone massage and crystal wand therapy in both German and English throughout Europe. He lives in Stuttgart, Germany.

Books By Ewald Kliegel

  1. Crystal Wands

    Crystal Wands

    By Ewald Kliegel

    Exploring the healing properties and indications for more than 70 crystal wands, the author explains how the versatile shape of a crystal wand amplifies a crystal’s energetic effects. He provides step-by-step instructions for using crystal wands in massage, reflexology, and energy medicine and for tuning the aura and balancing the chakras.
  2. Let Your Body Speak

    Let Your Body Speak

    By Ewald Kliegel

    This book covers the self-healing properties of the body and the psychic, emotional, and physical elements central to existence. It provides a deeper understanding of the psychological function of each organ, including eyes, hands, hips, knees, shoulders, spine, and teeth, and explains how they act in concert within the body.
  3. Reflexology Made Easy

    Reflexology Made Easy

    By Ewald Kliegel

    Reflex zone massage is a direct and effective aid for many small daily complaints. This handy reference book explains just how to find relief from headaches, colds, fear of flying, long car journeys, and lengthy days at your computer, all with just a few reflex zone massage strokes.
  4. new
    Holistic Reflexology

    Holistic Reflexology

    By Ewald Kliegel

    Kliegel offers a guide to integrating reflexology treatments with complementary therapies such as essential oils, crystal massage, and visualization techniques, to restore energetic balance, relieve pain, and maximize healing. He also includes more than 30 full-color maps of reflex zones systems from head to toe, including the ears, mouth, tongue, fingernails, and torso.