Jason Gregory

Jason Gregory is a teacher and international speaker specializing in the fields of Eastern and Western philosophy, comparative religion, metaphysics, and ancient cultures. For several years he studied with masters in Buddhism, Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Hinduism, and Taoism, traveling to some of the most remote places in the world. The filmmaker of the documentary The Sacred Sound of Creation, he divides his time between Asia and Australia.

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Books By Jason Gregory

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    The Science and Practice of Humility

    The Science and Practice of Humility

    By Jason Gregory

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    Driven by fear, the human mind creates the ego. In its quest to protect the self and its desires, the ego forges the illusion of separation, creating complex patterns that blind us to our unity with all beings and result in aggression, selfishness, and competition. The key to overcoming this pattern is humility, the reversal of complexity into simplicity.
  2. Enlightenment Now

    Enlightenment Now

    By Jason Gregory

    In this exploration of enlightenment Jason Gregory presents a way to enlightenment, nirvana, or samadhi--in which eternity and time are one--based on the Middle Way of the Buddha, Lao-tzu’s Way of the Tao, Yoga, the Great Work of Gnosticism, the Hermetic Art of Alchemy, and quantum physics.
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    Fasting the Mind

    Fasting the Mind

    By Jason Gregory

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    Combining cognitive psychology with Zen, Taoist, and Vedic practices, Jason Gregory explains how emptying the mind directly impacts your habits and way of being in the world. By periodically fasting the mind we can overcome distractions and stresses of modern life like digital overload and return to our original nature as it exists deep within.
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    Effortless Living

    Effortless Living

    By Jason Gregory

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    Jason Gregory outlines the Taoist practice of wu-wei, revealing that when we release our ego and allow life to unfold as it will, we align ourselves more closely with our goals and cultivate skill and mastery along the way. He includes meditation practices, yoga exercises, and wisdom from renowned sages.

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