John Matthews

Photo by: Mark Brome

John Matthews has authored over 60 books, including The Grail: Quest for Eternal Life and The Encyclopaedia of Celtic Wisdom. A foremost expert in the Arthurian legends and esoteric wisdom of the Celtic traditions, he teaches and lectures around the world. He resides with his wife, Caitlin, in Oxford, England.

Books By John Matthews

  1. Sir Gawain

    Sir Gawain

    By John Matthews

    The result of more than 20 years of research by one of the world's leading scholars of Arthurian mythology. The author presents a unique view of the mythology of Gawain, the Green Knight of Camelot, and of Britain and its connections with the historical changes that took place over many hundreds of years in the religious and mystical traditions of the country.
  2. Taliesin


    By John Matthews

    Taliesin, Chief Bard of Britain and Celtic shaman, was a historical figure who lived in Wales during the latter half of the sixth century. His verse is established as a direct precursor to the Arthurian Legends--and Taliesin himself, is said to be the direct forebear to Merlin. The author presents completely new translations of Taliesin's major poems in their entirety, uncovering the meanings behind these great works for the first time.
  3. Walkers Between the Worlds

    Walkers Between the Worlds

    By Caitlín Matthews
    By John Matthews


    Beneath the orthodox religions that lay claim to the soul of Western man runs an esoteric current that has preserved the lore and hermetic traditions of our ancestors. Walkers Between the Worlds explores the ancient earth wisdom of the shaman, and the Gnostic and Egyptian mysteries of the East. Practical exercises drawn from these traditions are included.

  4. The Mystery of Spring-Heeled Jack

    The Mystery of Spring-Heeled Jack

    By John Matthews

    Spring-Heeled Jack--a tall, thin, bounding figure with bat-like wings, clawed hands, and wheels of fire for eyes--first leapt to public attention in Victorian London. Author John Matthews provides an extensive look at Spring-Heeled Jack from his ancient beginnings to the present.
  5. The Complete King Arthur

    The Complete King Arthur

    By John Matthews
    By Caitlín Matthews

    Few legends have had the enduring influence of those surrounding King Arthur. Presenting the culmination of more than 40 years’ research, John and Caitlín Matthews examine the historical and mythological evidence for every major theory about the existence of Arthur, piecing together the many fragments that constitute his image.
  6. The Lost Book of the Grail

    The Lost Book of the Grail

    By Caitlín Matthews
    By John Matthews

    Unveiling the long-lost prequel to the Grail quest stories, Caitlín and John Matthews show how it offers the key to understanding the sevenfold path of the Grail and to restoring the Faery Accord, an agreement that once existed between humans and the Faery and upon which the spiritual and physical health of the land depends.