Kenneth Meadows

Kenneth Meadows (1925-2002) is internationally respected for his work in adapting shamanic wisdom to a contemporary context. He was the author of a number of bestselling books, including Earth Medicine, The Medicine Way, Rune Power, and Where Eagles Fly, and was founder of the Faculty of Shamanics.

Books By Kenneth Meadows

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    Shamanic Experience

    Shamanic Experience

    By Kenneth Meadows

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    A guide to shamanic practices for those seeking to develop psychic powers. Teaches how to access the collective soul, discover the aura, develop shamanic breath, discover relationships with power animals, and engage in a vision quest. These lessons culminate with a trance-state journey induced by the rhythmic drumming session on the accompanying CD.
  2. Shamanic Spirit

    Shamanic Spirit

    By Kenneth Meadows

    In Shamanic Spirit Kenneth Meadows introduces Shamanics, his spiritual science of living. Drawing upon universal shamanic concepts from the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, India, China, and Polynesia, he presents 33 exercises that help readers to meet the challenges of their lives with confidence and self-assurance.