Maurice Cotterell

Maurice Cotterell is the bestselling author of The Tutankhamun Prophecies, The Mayan Prophecies, The Lost Tomb of Viracocha, and The Terracotta Warriors. He lives in Ireland.

Books By Maurice Cotterell

  1. Jesus, King Arthur, and the Journey of the Grail
    Maurice Cotterell follows the migration of the Celts 4,000 years ago from Asia, across Europe, to Ireland. His account of this epic journey together with his knowledge of the secret codes of the Celts help him to identify and locate the Holy Grail, the actual cup used by Christ and his disciples at the Last Supper.
  2. The Lost Tomb of Viracocha

    The Lost Tomb of Viracocha

    By Maurice Cotterell

    Maurice Cotterell, who cracked the codes hidden in both ancient Maya carvings and the treasures of Tutankhamun, unlocks the secrets concealed within the treasure-filled tombs of Viracocha Pachamac and Viracocha. The two Viracocha sun-kings left the secrets of a super solar science encoded in their treasures.
  3. The Terracotta Warriors

    The Terracotta Warriors

    By Maurice Cotterell

    When the first emperor of unified China, Ch’in Shi Huangdi, felt his death approaching, he decreed that his tomb be protected by an army of terracotta soldiers. In 1974 archaeologists discovered the first of more than 8,000 life-size terracotta warriors, buried circa 220 B.C.E., near this emperor’s pyramid tomb. Maurice Cotterell decodes the message concealed in the terracotta warriors--a message that reveals the true purpose of life and the imperishable nature of the soul.
  4. The Tutankhamun Prophecies

    The Tutankhamun Prophecies

    By Maurice Cotterell

    Knowledge of the connections between solar patterns and human destiny allowed the Egyptians and Maya to harness the energy generated by the sun to achieve spiritual enlightenment and soul growth. This book reveals the link between reincarnation and solar energy encoded in the tombs of Tutankhamun and the Mayan Lord Pacal.