Mitch Horowitz

Photo by: Shannon Taggart

Mitch Horowitz is a PEN Award-winning historian, longtime publishing executive, and a leading New Thought commentator with bylines in The New York Times, Time, Politico, Salon, and The Wall Street Journal and media appearances on Dateline NBC, CBS Sunday Morning, All Things Considered, and Coast to Coast AM. He is the author of several books, including Occult America and One Simple Idea. He lives in New York City.

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Books By Mitch Horowitz

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    The Miracle Club

    The Miracle Club

    By Mitch Horowitz

    In this guide to creating miracles through the power of thought, Mitch Horowitz explains how we each possess a creative agency to determine and reshape our lives. He offers a clear formula of focused exercises and concrete tools to manifest your deepest desires, from wealth and love to happiness and security.