Nigel Pennick

Photo by: Ann Pennick

An authority on ancient belief systems, traditions, runes, and geomancy, Nigel Pennick is the author of several books, including The Sacred World of the Celts, Secret Games of the Gods, and The Ancient Science of Geomancy. He lives near Cambridge, England, where he follows the oral tradition and Pagan lore of his native East Anglia.

Books By Nigel Pennick

  1. The Pagan Book of Days

    The Pagan Book of Days

    By Nigel Pennick

    In this revised edition the author provides details on auspicious and inauspicious days, holy days of the ancient gods and goddesses, and the eight stations of the year (the solstices, equinoxes, and cross-quarter days). He also includes lunar and solar charts indicating dates of major Pagan celebrations from the year 2011 through 2033.
  2. Pagan Magic of the Northern Tradition

    Pagan Magic of the Northern Tradition

    By Nigel Pennick

    In the pre-Christian societies of Northern Europe, magic was part of day-to-day life. For example, individuals could journey out of the body using direct natural magic, and runes were employed to ward off illness. This book shows how anyone can participate authentically in the magic of the Northern Tradition today.
  3. The Book of Primal Signs

    The Book of Primal Signs

    By Nigel Pennick

    Since ancient times, human beings have created symbols to convey deeper information that can not be communicated in words. Many glyphs have retained their meanings over millennia whereas some have modern meanings vastly different from the original connotation. This study, with more than 300 unique woodcuts, drawings, calligraphy, and photographs, examines ancient and enduring glyphs in detail, revealing how symbols link the cosmic with the terrestrial and allow us to infuse the mundane with the numinous.
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    Runic Book of Days

    Runic Book of Days

    By S. Kelley Harrell

    Offering a step-by-step primer to work with runes throughout the year, Kelley Harrell shows how the 24 runes of the Elder Futhark follow a seasonal progression in which each stave rules the calendar for a half-month. She includes structured devotionals for each half-month and runic initiation rituals for the 8 pagan Sabbats.
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    Runic Lore and Legend

    Runic Lore and Legend

    By Nigel Pennick

    In this guide to the Wyrdstaves, or runic practices, of Old Northumbria, Pennick details the meanings, symbolism, and magical uses for each of the thirty-three runes of the Anglo-Saxon Futhark, as well as their relationships to tree and plant spirits and their use in divination.
  6. Witchcraft and Secret Societies of Rural England
    Drawing on scholarly research and personal contacts, Nigel Pennick describes the secret rites, folk customs, and magical traditions of guilds and rural fraternities of the British Isles, such as the Shoemakers, Horsemen, Plough Witches, Free Gardeners, Toadmen, Mummers, and Bonesmen, revealing how these secret traditions still live on.

  7. Operative Witchcraft

    Operative Witchcraft

    By Nigel Pennick

    Nigel Pennick takes readers on a journey through the practice of operative witchcraft in the British Isles from the Middle Ages through the Elizabethan era to the decriminalization of witchcraft in the 1950s and its practice today. He also offers practical insight into spells, charms, amulets, sigils, and tools of the craft.