Robert B. Tisserand

Robert B. Tisserand is often called the father of modern aromatherapy, as it was he who brought the practice into popularity with the publication of this book. He lectures around the world, and has been actively engaged in teaching and writing about aromatherapy for twenty years. He is also the author of The Practice of Aromatherapy.

Books By Robert B. Tisserand

  1. The Art of Aromatherapy

    The Art of Aromatherapy

    By Robert B. Tisserand

    Often called the father of modern aromatherapy, Tisserand introduced the use of essential oils in healing in this seminal bestseller. Includes a glossary and therapeutic index.
  2. The Practice of Aromatherapy

    The Practice of Aromatherapy

    By Jean Valnet, M.D.

    Valnet's original research, collected here, provided the first modern-day bridge between traditional healing with plants and modern medicine.