BodyWork Shiatsu

Bringing the Art of Finger Pressure to the Massage Table
By (author) Carl Dubitsky
BodyWork Shiatsu
Bringing the Art of Finger Pressure to the Massage Table
By (author) Carl Dubitsky

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Pages : 264

Book Size : 8.5 x 11

ISBN-13 : 9780892815265

Imprint : Healing Arts Press

On Sale Date : May 01, 1997

Format : Paperback Book

Illustrations : 275 b&w illustrations

The director of Healthsprings Clinic in Boulder, Colorado presents his innovative method of integrating the energetic concepts and techniques of shiatsu with Western osteopathic and therapeutic massage.

About BodyWork Shiatsu

For the first time, an expert in the Asian art of finger-pressure massage shifts the practice of shiatsu from the floor to the massage table--increasing the comfort of the patient, conserving the energy of the therapist, and augmenting the effects of the treatment. Skillfully integrating current Western scientific research with traditional energetic concepts and techniques of shiatsu, Carl Dubitsky provides a new perspective on this ancient healing art. His analysis of the muscular anatomy of the points and pathways is unique in Western literature, making shiatsu techniques more accessible and comprehensible to health professionals and bodyworkers of all schools.

BodyWork Shiatsu grounds its discussion of shiatsu in a thorough review of traditional Asian medical theory, explaining the concepts of yin and yang, the five elements, and the flow of life energy, qi, along with the meridians of the body. These concepts form the basis of the health professional's approach to examination and treatment. The heart of the book contains detailed instructions in applying shiatsu to the massage table--from basic finger technique to choosing equipment--with specific recommendations for treating each part of the body. The fruit of the author's many years of immersion in both Eastern and Western systems of massage, BodyWork Shiatsu is an invaluable aid to all those interested in advanced applications of shiatsu as well as those wishing to incorporate basic principles of finger-pressure massage into their health-care practice.
Table of Contents

Table of content

Foreword by Deane Juhan

Part 1: View From the East
1. Origins and Objectives of BodyWork Shiatsu
2. Oriental Cosmology
3. Oriental Physiology: The Essential Substances and Internal Organs
4. Oriental Anatomy: Meridian and Acupoint Theory
5. Oriental Assessment and Diagnosis

Part 2: View From The West
6. The Effects of BodyWork Shiatsu: A Western Perspective

Part 3: Preparation for the Practice of BodyWork Shiatsu
7. Finger and Hand Techniques
8. Road Signs
9. At Your Table

Part 4: Full Body Treatment
10. Back Warm-up
11. Treatment of the Back
12. Treatment of the Hip and Buttocks
13. Treatment of the Posterior Legs
14. Treatment of the Ankles and Feet
15. Treatment of the Scapulae and Upper Arms
16. Treatment of the Upper Back
17. Treatment of the Neck
18. Treatment of the Face
19. Treatment of the Head
20. Treatment of the Abdomen
21. Treatment of the Chest and Arms
22. Treatment of the Hands
23. Treatment of the Anterior Legs
24. Seated Shiatsu

Appendix 1
Appendix 2
Appendix 3


Author Bio
Director of the Healthsprings Clinic in Boulder, Colorado, Carl Dubitsky has studied and practiced shiatsu, Amma, and martial arts massage for more than 20 years under such widely known Asian masters as Koichi Nakamura, Eizo Ninomiya, DoAnn T. Kaneko, and Soo Se Cho, in addition to studies at the Swedish Institute for Medical Massage in New York City and advanced work with Owen James, an original student of Ida Rolf. He is certified by the American Oriental Bodywork Therapy Association.


Book Praise

Book Praise

"A well-reseached and thoughtful bridge between bodywork and modern medicine. . . its thoroughness and precision provide the depth of concrete information that is missing from virtually all other works."
Dean Juhan, author of Job's Body

"Carl Dubitsky brings compassion and expertise to his therapeutic and educational endeavors. His work is powerful and effective."
Robert K. King, Past President, American Massage Therapy Assoc.

"A monumental effort and a 'must read' text for professional practitioners of Oriental bodywork therapy or massage therapists interested in Oriental bodywork therapy. The book is meticulously researched, and very well-written in fabulous detail with cited sources."
Massage Magazine

"Packed with valuable information presented in a clear, concise, and useful manner, Bodywork Shiatsu takes the mystery out of energy work. A well-researched and thoughtful bridge between body work and modern medicine and between the mutually supportive truths of ancient and modern sciences. It is a significant exploration into the concrete anatomical, physiological, and neurological reasons why shiatsu in particular--and bodywork in general--can be such effective therapeutic tools."
Yolanda Ahser, Massage Therapy Journal

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