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Browse the Inner Traditions online bookstore for a wide variety of books on the ancient mysteries of Egypt, India, the Americas, and Europe as well as ancient aliens, giants, and Atlantis books. Inner Traditions Bear & Company is the publisher of Zecharia Sitchin’s Earth Chronicles series and other works. Click on the excerpts to read sample chapters and tables of contents from popular books by Andrew Collins, Robert Bauval, Richard Dewhurst, and others. Shop our wide selection of the best ancient mystery book titles from Vermont’s leading publisher of books for the mind, body, and spirit.

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  1. Ancient Giants

    Ancient Giants

    By Xaviant Haze

    Examining global myths, historical records, megalithic ruins, and archaeological findings, Xaviant Haze provides evidence for a lost race of giants in Earth’s prehistory. He explores legends and finds from throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, and China, including stories of giant bones unearthed by Allied soldiers during World War II.

  2. Power Places and the Master Builders of Antiquity
    Sharing his personal investigations into a wide range of ancient mysteries and paranormal enigmas in America and abroad, Frank Joseph explores sacred sites and strange phenomena in Egypt, China, Ireland, and throughout North America, including Oak Island, Florida’s Coral Castle, Wisconsin’s UFO hotspot, Aztec cities in Kansas, and giant-built constructions in Illinois.

  3. The Cygnus Key

    The Cygnus Key

    By Andrew Collins

    Built around 9600 BCE, Gobekli Tepe was designed to align with the constellation of the celestial swan, Cygnus. The Giza pyramids in Egypt also align with Cygnus. Andrew Collins explores this connection and traces it to the Altai-Baikal region of Russian Siberia and the extinct advanced human population known as the Denisovans.

  4. Decoding Maori Cosmology

    Decoding Maori Cosmology

    By Laird Scranton

    Revealing Maori culture as centuries older than generally accepted, Laird Scranton shows how the same cosmological concepts and linguistic roots that began at Gobekli Tepe are also evident in Maori cosmology and language, with similarities to Dogon and Egyptian languages and biblical and Hindu traditions.

  5. Spirits in Stone

    Spirits in Stone

    By Glenn Kreisberg

    In this comprehensive field guide to hundreds of lost, forgotten, and misidentified megalithic stone structures in northeastern America, Glenn Kreisberg documents many enigmatic formations still standing across the Catskill Mountain and Hudson Valley region, complete with functioning solstice and equinox alignments. Sites include the Wall of Manitou, Devil’s Tombstone, and Overlook Mountain.

  6. The Harmonic Origins of the World

    The Harmonic Origins of the World

    By Richard Heath

    Exploring the simple mathematical relationships that underlie the cycles of the solar system and the music of Earth, Richard Heath reveals how Neolithic astronomers discovered these ratios using megalithic monuments like Stonehenge and the Carnac stones. He shows how this harmonic knowledge inspired the earliest religious systems and spread around the world.

  7. The Metaphysical World of Isaac Newton

    The Metaphysical World of Isaac Newton

    By John Chambers

    At the same time Newton was writing Principia Mathematica, he was writing a twin volume on theology. This book explores Newton’s secret masterpiece, including his essays on alchemy, spirituality, Atlantis, metaphysics, “corrupted texts” in the Bible, and his prediction of an Apocalypse in the year 2060.

  8. The Jerusalem Parchment

    The Jerusalem Parchment

    By Tuvia Fogel

    Set in the 13th century, this sweeping historical novel tells a story of forbidden love and religious war centered on the quest to find the mysterious Parchment of Circles, an ancient map said to lead to a startling secret with profound religious significance for the future of humanity.

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    Cosmic Womb

    Cosmic Womb

    By Chandra Wickramasinghe, Ph.D.
    By Robert Bauval

    Regular Price: $20.00

    Special Price $14.00

    Exploring the latest findings in support of a cosmic origin for humanity, the authors expand on Sir Fred Hoyle’s theory of panspermia: that the building blocks of life arrived on Earth via comets in the distant past. They also reveal new discoveries about the dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza.
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    Astronaut Gods of the Maya

    Astronaut Gods of the Maya

    By Erich von Däniken

    Sharing more than 200 full-color photographs from his personal archives, bestselling author Erich von Däniken provides clear evidence of ancient alien contact and technology among the archaeological sites of the Maya as well as Aztec, Hindu, and other ancient cultures.

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