Enlightened Management

Bringing Buddhist Principles to Work
Enlightened Management
Bringing Buddhist Principles to Work

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Pages : 176

Book Size : 5.38 x 8.25

ISBN-13 : 9780892818761

Imprint : Park Street Press

On Sale Date : September 01, 1999

Format : Paperback Book

A management consultant teams up with a Tibetan lama to show how to create a successful and harmonious business environment by bringing Buddhist principles to the workplace.

About Enlightened Management

• How to create a successful and harmonious business environment by bringing Buddhist principles to the workplace.

• Practical, time-tested methods that help transform your business environment into a productive and peaceful workplace.

• Includes a series of mental and physical exercises designed to help people cope with challenges they face when working in groups, offices, or industry.

The goal of management in most businesses, large or small, is to get people to work together successfully and harmoniously. This practical manual shows how Buddhist principles can be used to transform the workplace into a supportive, productive environment in which people are capable of maximizing their own potential. Using the ancient Tibetan text The Seven Points of Mind Training as its base, Enlightened Management shows how these time-tested methods can be used in a modern business environment with stunning success.

By applying Buddhist principles to the workplace the authors provide new insights into the true meaning of responsibility and the importance of focus. They teach how to relax under pressure and control emotions, and provide tips on constructive conflict resolution and understanding personal limits. More than just a book on achieving success, Enlightened Management is about creating happiness for all involved, employer as well as employee.

Packed with exercises and techniques tailored for today's workplace, Enlightened Management shows how to draw the best out of ourselves and our colleagues to create the productive, balanced, and happy office environment in which everyone dreams of working.

Table of Contents

Table of content

Enlightened Management
Bringing Buddhist Principles to Work

Part 1: The Guide
Enlightened Management
Taking Responsibility
Paying Attention
Introducing Yourself to the Tiger
Working with Emotions
Competition: Winning and Losing
Riding the Tiger
Part 2: The Exercises
The Daily Exercises
Doing Nothing
Doing Nothing Too
Keeping a JOurnal
Working with Intense Emotions
Clarifying Blame
The Sequential Exercises
The Schedule
Golden Gate of Compassion
The Outer Elements
The Healing Lights
Positive/Negative Contemplation
The Mirror
The Golden Potential Within
The Friend
The Enemy
Review of the Outer Elements
The Inner Elements
Universal Compassion

Author Bio
Dona Witten is a management consultant for Ernst and Young and has served in similar roles for major companies such as IBM and Cadbury. She lives in Ohio. Akong Tulku Rinpoche is the president of ROKPA, an international relief organization. The author of Taming the Tiger, he is the founder and director of Samye Ling in Scotland, the oldest Tibetan Buddhist center in the West.