Stones of the Goddess

Crystals for the Divine Feminine
By (author) Nicholas Pearson

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Stones of the Goddess
Crystals for the Divine Feminine
By (author) Nicholas Pearson

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Pages : 480

Book Size : 6 x 9

ISBN-13 : 9781620557648

Imprint : Destiny Books

On Sale Date : February 19, 2019

Format : Paperback Book

Illustrations : Full-color throughout

Pearson offers a practical guide to working with more than 100 stones and crystals strongly connected with the energies of the Divine Feminine. He details each stone’s spiritual and healing properties, astrological and elemental correspondences, Goddess archetypes, and magickal uses. He includes instructions for Goddess-centered rituals, crystal grids, guided meditations, crystal elixirs, and spells.

About Stones of the Goddess

A practical guide to working with gemstones and crystals connected to Goddess energy for magick, healing, and transformation

• Explores more than 100 Goddess-centered stones and crystals, including amazonite, amethyst, birthing stones, thundereggs, geodes, Lemurian seed crystals, sakura stone, yeh ming zhu, and carnelian, also known as the blood of Isis

• Details each stone’s astrological and elemental correspondences, Goddess archetypes, healing properties, magickal uses, and aspects of the Divine Feminine it embodies

• Includes instructions for Goddess-centered rituals, guided meditations, and spells

• Explains how to create Goddess-centered crystal grids, crystal elixirs, and charm bags

Part of Mother Earth, crystals and gemstones are intimate pieces of the body of the Goddess, sacred tools that can help us tap into Her energy for healing, magick, and spiritual growth.

In this practical guide to working with the stones of the Goddess, Nicholas Pearson explores more than 100 gemstones and crystals strongly connected with the energies of the Divine Feminine, including old favorites like amazonite, amethyst, geodes, and carnelian (also known as the blood of Isis), alongside newer and more unusual stones such as sakura ishi, yeh ming zhu, and Lemurian seed crystals. He details each stone’s spiritual and healing properties, astrological and elemental correspondences, Goddess archetypes and lore, magickal uses, and the aspects of the Divine Feminine it embodies. Providing an overview of major Goddesses from around the world, he reveals how Goddess traditions and myths have incorporated stones throughout history.

Guiding you through the basics of crystal work, including cleansing and programming, the author offers step-by-step instructions for Goddess-centered magickal rituals, guided meditations to connect with the Divine Feminine, and the use of crystals for spellcasting. He explains how to create crystal grids, including the Triple Goddess Grid and the Venus Grid; crystal elixirs, such as Aphrodite Elixir and Yemayá Essence; and crystal charm bags for purification, wealth, and a happy home.

With the rebirth of the Goddess now happening after millennia of suppression, Pearson shows how, by working with gemstones and crystals, you can help restore the radiant light and limitless magick of the Divine Feminine and move humanity toward collective growth and healing. The stones of the Goddess are here to support us through practical means as well as serve as anchors for the return of the Goddess’s presence.

Book Excerpt

Chapter 8

Compendium of Crystals


Magickal uses: protection, fertility, wisdom, regeneration, divination, karmic healing, connecting to deities

Elemental signature: all

Astrological signature: Aquarius, Virgo, Gemini

Goddess archetypes: Earth Mother, Crone

Formation process: sedimentary

Among the fossils, ammonite is peculiarly enchanting for its spiral shape. Ammonites are the fossilized remains of extinct mollusks resembling the modern-day nautilus. They are found in many locations around the world, with a variety of mineralizations replacing the original organic tissue. Those preserved in soft clays usually retain the nacreous luster of the original mother-of-pearl in the shell. The spiral of this stone has long been considered sacred to the Goddess.

Virtually all fossils have made their way into myth and magick in cultures around the world. Ammonite, whose coiled shape is reminiscent of that of a snake, has been variously known as snake-stone, serpentstone, ophite (from the Greek ophis for “snake”), and draconite (named for draco, or “dragon”). In a classic example of sympathetic magick, ammonites were thus believed to counteract the venom of reptiles, avert the gaze of serpents, and enable one to handle snakes without fear of being bitten. Serpents are also symbols of the Great Goddess, and her worship throughout the world has included snake-related imagery.

The serpent is a symbol of fertility, and these fossils were accordingly used for enhancing fertility in livestock and aiding human conception. Since snakes are also representations of wisdom, immortality, and regeneration, ammonites took on the same characteristics. In truth, the serpent or dragon reflects the underworld aspects of the Earth Mother. Across the body of the Earth are etched the sinewy currents of chthonic energy--the ley lines or dragon lines. Like a spiral staircase, meditating with ammonite draws the attention inward and downward, helping one to descend into the realm of the subconscious mind. This stone helps us reach the underworld via meditation, astral travel, and dreamtime journey. Once there, we can call upon the assistance of the Queen of the Underworld--the Dark Goddess--for healing and transformation.

The fossilized ammonite is a potent karmic healing stone. It can be used for past-life awareness as well as for healing deep-seated patterns we may carry from previous lifetimes. It brings renewal and hope. Like the unfurling of fiddlehead ferns, the coiled ammonite brings the promise of new life. Its spiral form is the cosmic dance of life-death-rebirth, the rhythm of the Great Mother’s heartbeat.


Magickal uses: purification, courage, communication, clairvoyance, protection, peace, illumination, stress relief, healing

Elemental signature: Water

Astrological signature: Moon, Neptune, Venus, Pisces, Taurus

Goddess archetypes: Ocean Goddess, Great Mother

Formation process: igneous

Aquamarine belongs to the beryl family, a mineral species composed of beryllium aluminum silicate. Aquamarine occurs when beryl has traces of iron, and its color range includes blue to green. This gemstone is named for its color, which evokes images of seawater. Aquamarine is deeply connected to the energies of the ocean. Fishermen and sailors once carried this gem to ensure safe passage upon the sea. Its clarity and color represent the ocean, and it can be used to connect to goddesses of the water, such as Yemayá, Sarasvati, Ezili (or Erzulie), Tefnut, Amphitrite, Thalassa, Tiamat, Oshún, and Salacia. Use aquamarine to petition these goddesses for their help in ritual, or meditate upon it to dive into their mysteries. In meditation aquamarine can take us into the depths of the soul, as if plunging deep into the sea to find sunken treasure. Once there, it helps bring light to our innermost struggles.

With aquamarine’s illuminating properties, where once you may have experienced stagnation, there will instead be light. It is like stirring mud-laden waters in a stream; at first things may become more turbid, but the murkiness eventually flows away leaving clean water in its wake. In a similar fashion, aquamarine brings clarity and illumination through its mechanism of release. As we let go of stagnant patterns, there is room for peace, courage, and connection to the Divine Mother. Aquamarine nourishes us with her blessings while encouraging us to let go of our pain and struggles.

In kabbalistic lore, aquamarine is associated with the sefirot Binah, meaning “understanding.” Binah is credited with exhibiting a feminine energy, and it is sometimes equated with Shakti, the creative forces of the Divine Feminine. From this perspective, aquamarine helps one to tap into the raw creative fuel of the universe and use it for magick, manifestation, and healing. The crystal structure of aquamarine, which reveals a pattern similar to the flower of life, points to the same symbolism. The flower of life is a figure composed of overlapping circles; in sacred geometry it is used to express the first act of creation and original information system of the universe. Aquamarine allows us to reach beyond the experience of individuation and incarnation to tap into the work of the Divine Mother. By attaining the spiritual perspective that this confers, aquamarine, in turn, endows its owner with psychic talents, such as clairvoyance or prophetic dreams.

All beryls, including aquamarine, have long been associated with magick and witchcraft; they have been the favored medium for crystal balls for centuries. Aquamarine lends itself to a variety of magickal uses, including purification, enhancing intuition, healing, and protection. It can be made into a gemstone elixir by sitting in water overnight, preferably under the light of the full moon; afterward, add a pinch of sea salt to preserve the energy of the liquid. Aquamarine elixir can be sprayed to clear the energy of a room or ritual space; anointed on the body or added to the bath to purify oneself before ritual or spell work; or a few drops can be placed under the tongue or in drinking water for more physically focused clearing. Drinking water infused with aquamarine is especially helpful for detoxifying on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.
Author Bio
Nicholas Pearson has been immersed in all aspects of the mineral kingdom for more than 20 years. He began teaching crystal workshops in high school, later studying mineral science at Stetson University while pursuing a degree in music. A certified teacher of Usui Reiki Ryoho, he teaches crystal and Reiki classes throughout the United States. The author of several books, including Crystal Healing for the Heart, he lives in Orlando, Florida.

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