The Sacred Mushroom Seeker

Tributes to R. Gordon Wasson by Terence McKenna, Joan Halifax, Peter T. Furst, Albert Hofmann, Richard Evans Schultes, and Others
The Sacred Mushroom Seeker
Tributes to R. Gordon Wasson by Terence McKenna, Joan Halifax, Peter T. Furst, Albert Hofmann, Richard Evans Schultes, and Others

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Pages : 304

Book Size : 7 x 10.5

ISBN-13 : 9780892813384

Imprint : Park Street Press

On Sale Date : March 01, 1997

Format : Paperback Book

Illustrations : 39 color and 60 b&w illustrations

Mycologist R. Gordon Wasson's pioneering work with Mexican curandera Maria Sabina in the 1950s brought increased attention to the use of psychoactive plants in the healing and spiritual life of indigenous peoples.

About The Sacred Mushroom Seeker

A celebration of the life and pioneering work of the eminent mycologist and scholar R. Gordon Wasson.

A legendary figure in the field of ethnobotany, R. Gordon Wasson's trail-blazing work on hallucinogenic mushrooms with the Mexican curandera Maria Sabina in the 1950s brought increased scholarly attention to the importance of psychoactive plants in the spiritual life of indigenous peoples and had a profound influence well beyond the academic world. His accessible writings helped popularize these discoveries, forming the ground for the social revolution of the following decade. With the growing interest in the role of psychoactive plants in society today, the work of R. Gordon Wasson and the example set by the man himself, so well illustrated here, takes on increasing importance. 
Table of Contents

Table of content

    Thomas J. Riedlinger
     Richard Evan Schultes

R. Gordon Wasson: Brief Biography and Personal Appreciation
     J. Christopher Brown
Wasson's Help to a Student of Drug History
     Michael R. Aldrich
My Life With Gordon Wasson
      Masha Wasson Britten
A Vote for Gordon Wasson
      Michael D. Coe
A Bibliophile's View of Gordon Wasson's Books and Bookplates
      Robert Demarest
'Somatic' Memories of Gordon Wasson
      Wendy Doniger
R. Gordon Wasson: The Poet of Ethnomycology
      William A. Emboden
'Vistas Beyond the Horizons of this Life': Encounters with R. Gordon Wasson
      Peter T. Furst
Wasson and the Development of Mycology in Mexico
     Gaston Guzman
The Mushroom Conspiracy
     Joan Halifax
Ride Through the Sierra Mazateca in Search of the Magic Plant 'Ska Maria Pastora'
     Albert Hofmann
Collecting Wasson
     Michael Horowitz
Remembrances of Things Past
     Irmgard Weitlaner Johnson
The People of Miniss Kitigan Who Were and Are Honor the Spirit of WaussungNaabe Who Was and Is
     KeewaydinoQuay Et Al
My Friend Gordon
     Weston Le Barre
Mixe Concepts and Uses of Entheogenic Mushrooms
     Frank J. Lipp
'The Banquet of his Interests'
     Bernard Lowy
Wasson's Literary Precursors
     Terence McKenna
A Posthumous 'Encounter' with R. Gordon Wasson
     Claudio Narjano
A Twentieth Century Darwin
     Jonathan Ott
Recollections of R. Gordon Wasson's: 'Friend and Photographer'
     Allan B. Richardson
A Latecomer's View of R. Gordon Wasson
     Thomas J. Riedlinger
Mr. Wasson and the Greeks
     Carl A. P. Ruck
Celebrating Gordon Wasson
     Alexander T. Sulgin
Travels with R. Gordon Wasson in Mexico, 1956-1962
Appendix I. Gordon Wasson's Account of His Childhood
     R. Gordon Wasson
Appendix II. Bibliography: R. Gordon Wasson and Valentia Pavlovna Wasson
     J. Christopher Brown
Appendix III. The R. Gordon Wasson Ethnomycological Studies Series


Author Bio
Edited by Thomas J. Riedlinger, who has written extensively on psychedelic plants and psychology, The Sacred Mushroom Seeker includes essays by the most distinguished names in the fields of ethnobotany, comparative religion, and anthropology.


Book Praise

Book Praise

"This work is a remarkable achievement. It successfully captures all aspects of a complex personality. Gordon Wasson was a wonderful mixture: part businessman, part adventurer, part scholar. He achieved more in each of these fields than most do in any one discipline. Sketching a life-size portrait of this intriguing man is no mean feat, but this work achieves that goal."

Dr. Mark J. Plotkin, author of Tales of a Shaman's Apprentice

"R. Gordon Wasson's work on hallucinogenic mushrooms sparked the psychedelic movement: this varied collection includes contributions in the field of ethnobotany, comparative religion, and anthropology and offers a tribute to Wasson's research through new contemplations."

The Bookwatch

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