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The Mysterious Origins of Hybrid Man

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The Mysterious Origins of Hybrid Man

Crossbreeding and the Unexpected Family Tree of Humanity

By (author)  Susan B. Martinez, Ph.D.

ISBN-13: 978-1-59143-176-3
ISBN: 1-59143-176-X

Quality Paperback — 11/2/13

Page Count: 576; 6.00 (width) x 9.00 (height)

147 b&w illustrations

Imprint: Bear & Company

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About The Mysterious Origins of Hybrid Man

A provocative challenge to Darwin’s theory of evolution

• Shows there is no missing link because the human race, since day one, is the result of outright interbreeding among highly diverse types

• Reveals multiple “Gardens of Eden” and how each continent has its own independent hominid lineages

• Explains Homo sapiens’ mental powers (the Great Leap Forward) and how we acquired the “blood of the gods,” which endowed us with a soul

Did we evolve from apes, or are we all descendants of Adam and Eve? Why is the “missing link” still missing? Is the dumb luck of natural selection valid?

Piecing together the protohistory of humanity through anthropology, genetics, paleolinguistics, and indigenous traditions, Susan B. Martinez offers an entirely original alternative to Darwin’s evolution: Modern humanity did not evolve but is a mosaic of mixed ancestry, the result of eons of cross-breeding and retro-breeding among different groups, including Cro-Magnon, Neanderthal, hobbits, giants, and Africa’s “Lucy” and “Zinj.” Martinez shows that there were multiple “Gardens of Eden” and how each continent had its own blend of races prior to the Great Flood, which caused the diaspora that brought a renaissance of culture to every division of the Earth.

Martinez explains Homo sapiens’ mental powers (the Great Leap Forward) in cosmological terms--how we are the product of both heaven and earth. She identifies the “Sons of Heaven” and the angel-engendered races, explaining how Homo sapiens acquired the “blood of the gods,” which endowed us with a soul. Providing the ultimate resolution to the Evolution versus Creationism debate, this landmark study of hybrid man justifies his unexpectedly sudden appearance in the fossil record, the curious parallels between oral histories of the world’s people, and why anatomically modern features are found in the earliest paleontological evidence.

About the Author(s) of The Mysterious Origins of Hybrid Man

Susan B. Martinez, Ph.D., earned her doctorate in anthropology at Columbia University, where she also served as lecturer in ethnolinguistics. She is the book review editor at the Academy of Spiritual and Consciousness Studies and the author of The Psychic Life of Abraham Lincoln, The Hidden Prophet, Time of the Quickening, and The Lost History of the Little People. A contributor to Forbidden Science and Darklore, her work also appears in Atlantis Rising, FATE, and New Dawn magazines. She lives in Clayton, Georgia.

Praise for The Mysterious Origins of Hybrid Man

"Martinez’s innovative and scalpel-like research upends the academy’s cherished (but clearly warped) perspectives on evolution and humanoid history. Her research reveals the flimsy establishment arguments for accidental mutation as the cause of speciation. Interbreeding of quite different early and contemporaneous subspecies is the most plausible explanation for the variety of modern races and genotypes."
Paul Von Ward, author of We’ve Never Been Alone and The Soul Genome

"Susan B. Martinez, Ph.D., has given all those who ponder the origins of humankind an extraordinary gift of remarkably thorough research. Martinez deftly weaves the progress of our hybrid species as a co-product of mixed earthly ancestry and the ministry of the ‘gods,’ the heavenly visitors. This remarkable book offers an extensively developed thesis that profoundly offers an alternative to evolution."
Brad Steiger, author Worlds Before Our Own and Conspiracies and Secret Societies: The Complete Dossier

“Martinez’s conclusion that the Little People are the real missing link in the history of humanity is supported by worldwide evidence, including pygmy tunnels, elf arrows, dwarf villages and tiny coffins. Her book is lavishly illustrated with photos, diagrams and artistic renderings that bring to life an astonishing view of our biological and cultural origins. Those who are curious about such things will find themselves spellbound by her vision.”
Metaguide Magazine, September 2013

“From the evolution of human mental powers to how the human soul evolved, this is a specific and involving analysis from an anthropology doctor, and will delight any new age reader and collections catering to them.” Diane Donovan, Editor, The Midwest Book Review, February 2014