Mary Bond

Mary Bond has a Master’s degree in dance from UCLA and trained with Dr. Ida P. Rolf as a Structural Integration practitioner. She is a movement instructor at the Rolf Institute and teaches movement workshops nationally. The author of Balancing Your Body and The New Rules of Posture, she has also published articles in numerous health and fitness magazines. She lives in California.

Books By Mary Bond

  1. Balancing Your Body

    Balancing Your Body

    By Mary Bond

    Mary Bond presents a unique self-help approach to Rolfing Movement and body transformation. By learning to recognize and respond appropriately to our body's internal messages, we can discover a new freedom of expression in our bodies, leading to a marked increase in health and vitality. Practical structural awareness exercises are included.
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    The New Rules of Posture

    The New Rules of Posture

    By Mary Bond

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    Mary Bond explains that healthy posture comes not by training our muscles into an ideal shape, but from a new sense that we can develop by learning to feel. She identifies the key anatomical features that impact alignment, and, proposing six zones that help create postural changes, she offers self-help exercises that enable healthy function in each zone.
  3. Rolfing in Motion

    Rolfing in Motion

    By Mary Bond

    This CD presents 38 structural awareness exercises featured in the book, Balancing Your Body. Following an exploration of your habitual standing and walking patterns, a variety of exercises are offered that will help you in standing, sitting, and walking with fluidity and ease, creating new freedom in your physical expression and improving your well-being and overall vitality.
    • 90-minute CD
    • Companion to the book Balancing Your Body
  4. Las nuevas reglas de la postura

    Las nuevas reglas de la postura

    By Mary Bond

    Mary Bond explica que lograr una postura saludable viene de aprender a sentir, en lugar de entrenamiento de músculos hasta que adquieran una forma ideal. Bond identifica las características anatómicas clave que influyen en la alineación y sugiere que es posible crear cambios de postura a partir de seis zonas del cuerpo. Ofrece ejercicios de autoayuda que propician el funcionamiento saludable en cada una de las zonas.