The Yoga-Sutra of Patañjali

A New Translation and Commentary

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The Yoga-Sutra of Patañjali
A New Translation and Commentary

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Pages : 196

Book Size : 5.38 x 8.25

ISBN-13 : 9780892812622

Imprint : Inner Traditions

On Sale Date : December 01, 1989

Format : Paperback Book

The landmark scripture on classical yoga, these aphorisms by the sage Patañjali constitute a complete course in the philosophy of yoga and the attainment of self-realization.

About The Yoga-Sutra of Patañjali

Approximately two thousand years old, The Yoga-Sutra of Patañjali is the landmark scripture on classical yoga. The translation and commentary provided here by Georg Feuerstein are outstanding for their accessibility and their insight into the essential meaning of this ancient and complex text.

A scholar of international renown who has studied and practiced yoga since the age of fourteen, Feuerstein also brings to The Yoga-Sutra of Patañjali his experience as a professional indologist. His faithful and informed rendering of the aphorisms (sutras) is based on extensive personal research into the Sanscrit sources. Each word is explained so that the entire text becomes readily available to the western reader and student of yoga.
Table of Contents

Table of content

Preface to the American Edition

Preface to the Original Edition

Patañjali and the Exegetical Literature
Some Philosophical Concepts of Kriya-Yoga
Overview of Topics Discussed by Patañjali

Annotated Translation
Chapter One: Samadhi-Pada
Chapter Two: Sadhana-Pada
Chapter Three: Vibhuti-Pada
Chapter Four: Kaivalya-Pada

Continuous Translation

Word Index to the Yoga-Sutra


Guide to the Pronunciation of Sanskrit


About the Author

Author Bio
Georg Feuerstein was an internationally recognized yoga scholar who began studying yoga at the age of fourteen. He also wrote The Essence of Yoga, Lucid Waking and The Philosophy of Classical Yoga.


Book Praise

Book Praise

"Georg Feuerstein is a scholar with a heart and a spiritual explorer with a keen intellect."

John White, author of The Highest State of Consciousness

"This is certainly one of the most profound and original contributions to the understanding of classical yoga."
Professor Mircea Eliade, University of Chicago, author of Yoga: Immortality and Freedom

"The great value of this youthful work is in its thoroughness of approach."
Dennis Littrell, reviewer, Feb 2008

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